Hello, Beautiful People! 

My name is Shardel 👋🏾 


Let’s get a few technicalities out of the way!

I am a:

🧠 Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

🧘🏾‍♀️Trauma Coach 

🙌🏾 Faith Believer 

✨Positive Thinker

You may be asking yourself, “Why is she in THIS space? What does SHE know?”

I can tell you, those are both VERY valid questions! 

The reason I’m able to hold this space FOR you is because I once WAS you

Throughout my journey, I’ve experienced both trials and triumphs. Life has launched lemons at me. Ones that were meant to BREAK me and things that were determined to MAKE me! 

So, here's some self-disclosure:

Some experienced trials:

-a life changing house fire 

-a major unexpected dream career change

-losing 95% of my “support systems”

-two toxic relationships (including a divorce)

Life changing triumphs:

-received my Bachelors and Masters degrees & found my life's purpose

-processed damaging patterns that led me to and through my trials

-determined who “My Circle” really was and created healthy boundaries with others accordingly 

-found and am receiving HEALTHY love from the most amazing man to walk into my life 😍

There were so many waters that I had to navigate without any real guidance.

But, let me tell you a secret...

YOU don't have to do it alone!

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Face Mask

"Turn your 




— Oprah Winfrey

Enjoying Nature
Shadow on Concrete Wall


Deep dive into the past 

•Identify and process personal trauma(s)

•Find healthy coping strategies that work for you to deal with everyday life 

Shadow on Concrete Wall


•Gain insight on how

trauma affected you

Learn & implement though reframing and mindset shifting

Start goal setting, habit making/breaking, and

future planning