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Lighthouse Perspective Immersive Offerings

White Washed Wood
White Washed Wood

Victorious Emergence:
The 4 month 1:1 Self-Mastery
Coaching Experience 

Have you been feeling:

* Unaware of Self

*Trapped in cycles with little knowledge about why

*Feeling unfulfilled & stuck

*Isolated & detached from genuine support

*Unable to receive healthy love & affirmations

*Holding back in identifying & expressing feelings assertively 

*Feeling estranged from God due to life's experiences

Are you ready to:  

*Get MORE out of life, love, your career, or your relationship/experiences with God  

*Create healthy and secure boundaries  

*Gain insight about self (i.e. worth, emotions, trauma, etc. ) 

*Find purpose or "the silver lining" from past experiences?  

Victorious Emergence

What's Included:

  • Unique action plan based on where you're at currently

  • Eight or sixteen 1:1 sessions with me*

  • Direct access to me in-between sessions**

    • Yes, even during the sticky & triggering moments!

  • Session Recap Message & Homework 

    • Because remembering everything is hard, right?

* Amount of sessions based on package selected

*Only available for women

** Exclusive to coaching clients 

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